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Balderas (2014) White Paper: Opportunities and challenges for integrating CBM into MRV systems for REDD+ in Mexico

Community based monitoring (CBM) can offer good options to engage local communities in the management of natural resources and to help generating the information necessary for REDD+. New technologies are being used to create flexible and innovative on-line systems to monitor natural resources. It is necessary to create flexible options to make the best use of these tools and include them into basic systems for the representation of lands and the system to generate carbon stock change factors in REDD+.

This work reviews different elements of the design and implementation of national REDD+ programmes in order to identify the opportunities and challenges for CBM as means for generation of information at the local level, particularly to fulfil requirements of monitoring, verification and reporting (MRV) and as part of National Forest Monitoring Systems (NFMS). The implementation of REDD+ in Mexico through the national strategy is used as a practical example. The document presents a review of the use of CBM followed by a description of REDD+ at the international level. Then methods and technologies available for CBM are compared. This is followed by the narration of the main developments for REDD+ implementation in Mexico to identify possible strategies to integrate locally produce data into national MRV system. Finally, conclusions and opportunities and challenges for CBM are presented.