• Monitoreo Reporte y Verificación

Balderas (2014) Integrating CBM into MRV activities of projects financed by the Alliance in the Early Action Areas of REDD+ in Mexico

This document presents a basic approach to community based monitoring (CBM) in the Mexican setting of REDD+. The objective is to present firstly, a brief description of the projects being implemented in the early action areas (EAA) financed by the Alliance Mexico REDD+ (Alliance), secondly a proposal for the integration of CBM into the projects’ activities and finally a discussion of the potential linkages to the MRV system. The Alliance is providing resources for the implementation of REDD+ activities in 13 projects located within the EAA of Chihuahua, Yucatan Peninsula, Chiapas, Cutzamala Basin and Oaxaca. These projects are implementing different activities to mitigate climate change including a wide variety of actors, strategies and scopes. The creation of a comparable and consistent system to monitor, report and verify the outcomes of implementation will allow the Alliance to evaluate the potential contribution of the projects to reduce carbon emissions and increase carbon removals in the EAA as part of REDD+; moreover the information to be produced can be compatible with national MRV systems and be integrated later into the monitoring systems for REDD+.